Are you ready to combine the best WiFi experience with the best user experience? Having troubles with WiFi is casual for SOHO users. Edge is designed to transform WiFi experience in SOHO segment with its features and user experience. Besides the complex wireless network architectures, Edge lets you to provide manageable WiFi service to your customers easily and quickly with its integrated structure and minimal wireless network requirement. It’s ready to deployment with only Aruba Central and Aruba Access Point, no need for extra network hardware. You can serve your customers in your own network by running private cloud version.

Cloud Architecture

Edge, and its features, works in accordance with Cloud architecture. It helps you to manage thousands of clients under single roof.

No Requirement for Specific Network Hardware

It works without extra network hardware requirements like BNG, Controller, etc. Unlike to other network management tools, it’s prettty easy to manage.


You don’t need to buy a special software with Edge. Components like ProLog, Visualize, Smartgate provide an end-to-end customer experience. It runs with the built-in EnRole Radius Server developed by Faraday.


On Dashboard, you can display brief reports and SSID and AP counts in your network. Furthermore you can view online client count and data usage instantly. You can also display number of clients distributed over time, operating system distribution and mostly used SSID and APs.

WiFi Management

With Edge’s unique location experience, end users can display distribution of APs by location, and manage position of APs by drag and drop. You can broadcast SSIDs in any moment with just single click. Securing your network by whitelist-blacklist restrictions, and enforcing usage with time, quota and bandwidth limits on these SSIDs is pretty easy.


The world’s best Captive Portal design tool is in front of you. It’s possible for you to create different SmartGate designs for every customer with Visualize’s Point&Select feature. You can see the effect of your design on WiFi experience with Visual Trends.

AP Activation

It’s easy to associate the AP that you bought with your account. You can quickly begin to offer a unique WiFi experience to your customers after activating from either Web or mobile applications. Scanning QR code with Edge iOS & Android applications is enough, you are ready to manage your WiFi now.


If you want to convert your WiFi network into a marketing tool and gain revenue from your already installed WiFi equipment, Spectrum Ads will be one of your favourite features. You can publish text, image or video ads and manage your ads by location.


Survey is useful to know better your customers’ needs, contact with them and provide pinpoint benefits. You can prepare surveys with different types of questions and you can present them in before or after authentication. So that you can provide extra benefits to your clients by redirecting them to a result page.