Are you ready to improve the experience you offer to your customers, with their behaviors? You can track behavior of your customers in your stores via WiFi Analytics. ZONE collects and analyses data gathered over WiFi for you, in order to extract many important data like visit duration, visit intervals for different stores. You can create different campaigns or develop your own big data analysis applications with these data. ZONE lets you to market over WiFi, analyse your existing network for data and transform them into an available structure for engagement.

Cloud Architecture

Coder, and its features, works in accordance with Cloud architecture.


You can create different media based applications by using REST APIs provided by Coder.

Codec & Streaming Support

Coder supports most codec and file formats, as well as widely-used streaming protocols like RTMP, RTSP, HLS and progressive download.

With a prominent feature set, Coder will let you easily serve your media content. Adaptive bitrate support, real-time progress tracking, producing many outputs for an input, encoding media for devices that is in range from smartphones to tablets, personal computers to smart TVs is just to mention some of them.